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[11 Mar 2005|11:38pm]
falling down

[10 Jan 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

umm well i didnt go to school today but i feel a lot better now umm well this weeekend was really fun. umm well on friday not soo much i had to stay home and help my mom clean for devons bday party on sunday. umm then saturday manda picked me up pretty early and first we went back to her house and umm watched NAPOLEON DYNAMITE and umm it was ok it wasnt as great as i thought it would be. umm then we went bowling and bowled like 3 games and we both did pretty bad and ya. umm then we went back to her house and umm we just umm made up a dance to michael jackson lol and stuff then we went to go seee coach carter but it was sold out soo we had to see white noise which i didnt think was that great but manda did and at the movies we saw cathryn ceglarz and britany odom ick and umm they were tryin to talk to us and stuff and i just really didnt want to see them and they went to the same movie too and we made sure not to sit by them ha. ahh then we went back to mandas and ate some coney island lol and umm then made up some more of the dance and then we just watched tv and went to bed. then sunday i was at mandas for a couple hours and umm we watched THE SWEEETEST THING and umm then i went back home and umm then devons party happened which was ok it was fun i guess cuz nicole was there and then later during devons party it was fun cuz me my uncle jeff and nicole all went in my room and tryed to play the guitar and umm then we all played the trivial pursuit pop culture dvd edition and it was fun and ya.soo then i didnt go to school today and umm i had to go to the doctors and it was fine i guess and i rented anchorman and i really didnt like it that much it was ok i guess it wasnt as funny as i thought it was gonna be soo nothing else really except i really dont wanna go to school tomorrow and well ya soo.tty later. Gretchen
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Devons Bday [03 Jan 2005|05:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

umm well today was an ok day well umm let me tell u about my break umm well it was cool for some days samantha(friend by my grama) came over and umm we just chilled. umm i went shopping a lot and hung out and saw meet the folckers and umm series of unfortunate events (great movies) umm i hung out with manda nikki aub ashley. umm well for xmas i got some sweet shiznit umm i got my ugg boots, a louie vuitton purse, clothes, a trampoline, umm clothes, money, gift cards, and umm stuff like that. umm well thursday before new years i got oral surgery ha funny words but umm ne ways i got my wisdom teeth pulled and it was a lot worse then i thought it would be well it hurt really bad afterwards and umm i was really sick from all the medication and like puking and stuff, i couldnt ne thing and for the first couple hours after the surgery my mom had to feed me and i felt like i was in a nursing home. umm well on new years i still didnt feel that good but i didnt care i was gonna do something soo me and ashie planned a party and umm had it at her house umm nikki aub me her mcallister renee lauren justin colin chad jayson cody were all there it was ok there was just all this crap that happend that i really dont feel like talkin about umm soo ya and today was ok it was back to school and um we really didnt do too much crap and umm oo another thing im soo excited cuz for about a weeek or soo i dont have to swim cuz of my surgery and well ya umm later

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[21 Dec 2004|11:34pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

mm well this saturday me manda nikki and ashley saw series of unfortunate events and it was pretty good and then afterwards me nikki and manda went to the mall cuz ash didnt want to go and couldnt cuz of her knee. umm we went into wet seal and charlotte russe and just tryed on a bunch of really ugly clothes for no reason and um we ate at coney island and umm it was funn there was this weird lady at the table in front of us and umm just wouldnt quit staring soo i just started waving at her and it was just kinda funny having someone stare at u for like an hour and then wen u look up they like get upset with u. umm well then on sunday manda came over and umm just hung out with me and then later samantha came over and it was noot cool for the 1st day it was ok but by the 2nd and 3rd day it really kinda sucked just long story but ne ways shes gone now all we really did was umm hung out and we rented porkys,pretty funny, the real cancun, kinda ok i guess, and bring it on again and really stupid. umm well then today i went to my gramas house and just helped her get ready for xmas and stuff and i had fun i hung out with my uncle jeffrey and drew my 1st transformer lol and umm well we just talked and stuff mm and i made some $ HA cuz i wrapped some gifts and umm well nothing else really tomorrow i think im gonna do something with ashley and then thursday i have to watch my sister and im goin over to my aunts and umm then friday is xmas eve and umm just hangin out at home and then xmas which doesnt even feel like its already almost here and for some reason i just feel not soo excited as i usually am i dunno and but umm and then sunday mandas comin over and were gonna go shoppin and then from there im not sure wat. well umm besides all that im gonna go crazy i reeally like this guy! but he likes some1 else well actually one of my friends which sucks even more well i dunno i dont really noo wat to say but umm ya soo i dont really have ne thing to say soo later.

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confused [14 Dec 2004|05:33pm]
[ mood | confused ]

umm well i dont even noo why im writing in this cuz no1 even looks at this ne ways but well i guess im just writing it forself soo ya.. Life is just so confusin rite now and i just dont know waht to do. well my love life ha well no such thing im just really confused i mean i like this guy but it seems like i might be liking him less but at the same time more i dont even noo how to explain it. i dont even noo why i bother cuz its not like i would ever have a chance. well then theres my "social life" ha well i mean i dont really have one seriously its like i wake up, take a shower, go to school, go straight to practice, come home do hw eat dinner and goo to bed ya its really great. well during school its like i dont even noo i mean i kinda feel like i just want a whole new life i mean i dunno i love my friends and all its just things have changed like i feel like i dont even have really close friends besides alex and manda and its reallly hard wen manda doesnt even live here ne more. i mean i love all my other friends its just were not reallly close and i dont really do ne thing with them ne more. things have just changed soo much this past year like my whole life. i just cant stop thinking about moving i think im gonna move before next year and its like i want to leave and start over but at the same time i wanna just stay where i am i dunno even noo im soo confused. well ya today i went to the doctors and i have to get some teeth pulled and its gonna hurt like hell i cant eat reallly ne thing for like 10 days thats solid, its actually called surgery and i just dont even wana goo through it. this x-mas break just seems like its not gonna be all that great i mean i dont really have ne big plans as usual. well i dunno but i will write more later.

falling down

fucked upp [04 Dec 2004|11:55am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

OMFG! I just wwrote this big long thing in my lj and it just like fuckin erased but w/e. ook well umm life isnt really that great rite now. umm well its pretty pathetic but umm i guess i had fun on thursday for the first time in a while. well i had a meet that was away. and umm i did ok in it i guess. omg it was hilarious a person *no names had hair sticking out of their bathing suit by their pussy ha ha it was gross tho. umm but it was fun on the way home i hung out with robert t. nicole t. amy k. justin t. and bobby suvoy was kinda just sitting there listenin to out convos and stuff. umm well ya on the way home we just were playing like this game with dice and betting money and stuff. umm and we were doin the sex noise thing and it was pretty funny. umm well then rite after my meet umm i had to go straight to dance and it was okk not that great but im kinda excited cuz i think were goin to compotition. umm yah and then friday i had this test in ss that i noo that i failed. umm then i had practice and umm it wasnt fun at all but i got to leave early to go babi sit even tho they canceled on me but w/e. soo then i called alex cuz we kinda had plans but she decided to hang out with ryan which kinda got me upset but w/e im over it. umm and i fell asleep at frickin 745 and woke up at 945 lol soo then i couldnt goo back to sleep soo i fell asleep at like 3 in the morning. umm well today i dont really have ne thing planned except goin with nikki and alex shopping but not untill fuckin 4ish and its just a long story i dont wanna go into. umm i dunno soo ya i dont really have ne thing else planned for this weekend i think soo if ya wants to do something then lemme noo. oo and this has nothing to do with that but i think i like some1 a lot. umm and i just dont want to cuz i just dont want to deal with it. umm and were friends and just gettin to be better friends and i dunno i just think that this person would never like me like that. and its weird cuz its like we flirt and i dunno wat they mean thoo wen they r and i dunno i just wisk this wasnt soo complicated and i dunno. well ya soo nothin else really here soo ttyl. <3

falling down

PLEASE ANSWER THIS (HONSETLY) [22 Nov 2004|07:49pm]
[ mood | confused ]

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. When and how did we meet?
4. Have you ever had a crush on me?
5. Would you kiss me?
6. Give me a nickname and explain and it.
7. Describe me in 1 word.
8. What was your first impression?
9. Do you still think that way about me now?
10. What reminds you of me?
11. If you could give me anything what would it be?
12. How well do you know me?
13. When was the last time you saw me?
14. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
15. Are you going to put this in your lj and see what I say about you?
16. What would you rate me out of 10?
17. How long have you known me?
18. Do I call you anything you don't like?
19. What is the most annoying thing I do?
20. Do you feel better off now that you know me? (Be honest!!!)
21. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be and why?
22. Is this quiz already long enough or what?
23. Do you think I am funny?
24. Do you have a crush on me now(be honest)?
25. Do you like being around me?
26. Better in large or small doses?
27. 1=Nice 10=Mean. Rate me.
28. Would you give me one of your kidneys if I needed one?
29. What is your worst memory of me?
30. What is your best memory of me?

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manda came too school [15 Nov 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

mmkay well today was pretty fun. umm manda came too school with me too visit.well in the morning it was just really stupid we went to the front office and ms carrier sayd too go talk to mr white and remind him and stuff and umm ya soo we went up to mr white and he just like startin yellin at us sayin that he never remembered sayin that manda could come and just it was really retared cuz we kept walkin back and forth too ms carrier and the front office and stuff. oo and i forgot in the morning at the bus stop it was funny cuz curtis(hes this 6th grader that is really shy and wont talk to u if he likes u and at one point in time and noow he like me nikki and ashley) well but ya he was being really shy cuz manda was there and he likes manda lol. (just kinda had to be there)umm but then ya soo after talkin to mr white and ms carrier umm we finally got everything settled out. umm soo in 1st hour it was ook me and manda were talkin to james and stufff and derek and of course again every1 was making comments about mine and mandas shirts (they say i love dorks on them and if u dont noo wat dorks r their a whales penius) umm ya and umm we were just lookin at this like paintball magazine. umm ya then in 2nd hour it was okk too we just watched the rest of the mighty ducks *lol and um just worked on work for other classes. umm ya and we had mr farmer as our sub. umm then 3rd hour was funn we went down too the media center too look up info for these group projects we have too doo. umm and in my group its charles,lauren novak, and darren caine. umm it was soo funny cuz charles was on the comp and manda was sitting next too him and umm she likes him soo much and charles just being the way that he is he wasnt lookin up research online he was lookin at guys online lol(basketball players) and he was just lookin at food online and just all this other crap but it was fun and manda was soo funny cuz it was soo obvious she liked charles. umm then 4th hour was really fun umm we took our word of the day quiz thingy and umm we got new seats and i sitt next to zach(lol) and umm ya manda took the test too and then we worked on lit responses and umm me and manda just couldnt stop laughin cuz zach was soo funny even tho hes perverted and umm ya we looked up dorks in the dictionary and we couldnt find it and zach was just llike its not in there cuz this is a school enviornment. umm ya but it was really fun. then lunch ERRR well it wasnt that great well there was this certain person(no names) and i could tell they were mad soo i went up too them and i was like wats wrong and i noo they were liein and i sayd r u mad at me and they sayd noo but they were. this person thinks that i was "hogging" manda wen i wasnt cuz theres just lots of examples but w/e long story and umm soo manda went and sat by them but they were still mad at me. then 5th hour was okk we just went into our groups and it was stupid cuz tim just had to argue with me about everything but it was funny cuz charles kept winkin and rubbin himself too manda and she was blushin ha. umm then 6th hr was fun umm it was ac math day but umm this certain person was still mad at me and umm ya. but in algebra me and manda talked too zach,robert,and umm loren kinda. umm ya soo then after 6th hr was over this certain person was noo maad at me and manda and it was just stupid. but after we got our stuff we went and saw mr edwards and he and a bunch of other teachers were lookin out the window at all the kids and sayin stuff about all of them lol. umm then me and manda walked home and andy walked with us even tho he was being mean and wouldnt let me ride his amf roadmaster thingy and stuff but ya fun. but then me and manda had too just wait at this street for her mom too pick us up cuz manda had to go cuz her grama just went into the hospital cuz her bag broke?(mandas grama had just gotten out the hospital yesterday) ya but then i came home watched oprah lol and umm went to sleep and did my hw and thats all but ya today was fun besides the fact that some1 is mad at me but umm write soon soo ttyl <3

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HaTiNg My LiFe RiGhT nOW...AGAIN [13 Nov 2004|01:44pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

umm ya soo yesterday was ok. umm well school was nothin really that great. then swimming was ok just really tiring and i feel like i still smell like all those nasty kids in the pool lol. umm ya but yesterday i rented white chicks*great movie* and shrek 2 *nother good movie*. umm today im goin to mandas house and just hangin i guess maybe goin too the mall and goin window shopping. then tomorrow i have to goo to these gay ppls house and umm watch a football game and stuff then were goin to get manda. and umm on monday she is comin to school with me and all my classes and stuff. umm ya really excited too do it.well nothin really goin on here and umm soo i will write more later and say how it was w/manda comin to school. soo ummm ttyl <3

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MAD [11 Nov 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | full ]

im just really upset and everything is soo fucked up. my comp is being soo gay and on aim its retared its letting me talk to ppl but i cant get their responses and its just gay. well ya today was ok i guess. umm really didnt do ne thing except im going to fail algebra and ya cuz we have this stupid compass thingy we have to do and im never gonna finish and ya. well even tho im not gonna finish today in algebra was fun. i sit next to adam and zach and zach being how he was was just soo funny. he was just talkin about landing strips and just all this other crap and ya just some other stuff im not gonna mention. umm ya well a certain some1 *no names was gettin me really mad and treatin me like crap for no reason and umm ya well it got me pretty upset. well ya on the bus i sat between robert tolentino and hazen. ya and robert put his arm around me and he touched my bossum(haa haaa funy word) by mistake and it was hilarious he startin freakin out and just startin blushin and sayd nothing happend. ya well today i have hip hop and i kinda dont wanna go and ya just all this stuff goin on today and it sucks. im just reallly glad that tomorrow is friday even tho i have retared swim practice. but ya umm i tink im hangin with manda on saturday and onn sunday she is spending the night with me cuz she is goin to school with me on monday. cant wait! ya but umm im just in a really bad mood and i have too goo but umm please comment but mmkay well bye <3

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aT MaNdAs In SwARtZ CrEeK [06 Nov 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | hot ]

hey umm i no that i have not writtten in a long time but umm im at mandas. well ya dont really feel like sayin ne thing else soo will tell uu about this weekend later <3

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duNnO [30 Oct 2004|11:23am]
[ mood | flirty ]

UMm WELL yesterday was pretty fun. Umm at school nothin really much happened. Umm in Ss we had this big test that i no i failed but ya whatever. Umm well after school I walked home with Alex and Andy also walked us home. Umm then we got to Alexs house and just hung out outside with Andy and just talked and stuff. WE did that for a while maybe about an 1 or 2 i dunno have no idea. Umm then ya me and Alex just went inside and hung out. Then umm we went to my house to go get my stuff and then we went to Party Cityu,Mejier,Kroger and the dollar store lol.sry just had to say where we went. Umm then later we got read y and went to Riversyde and at first it was kinda boring and then it was ok. We saw some ppl we knew there umm we hung out with Ricky Garner (he moved) umm and stuff. WEll Ricky had these handcuffs and were just playing with them soo then i took them and then we were handcuffed together for the whole night lol. uMm then we met a lot of ppl. Um there was this one guy we met and he was cool i guess we got his sn and stuff and umm he gave me a bracelet lol. Umm then we were sitting in the cafeteria place thingy and there were a bunch off ppl in there and umm there was this one really big guy who was about to fight this girl and i dunno they just looked really stupid . Umm then there was this kinda bigger african american guy who started talkin to us and umm i kept tellin him that my name was Shonda and i wouldnt stop i was tryin to annoy him soo he would go away but whatever. Umm we were taking a bunch of ppls pictures and stuff on Alexs mom phone lol. Umm then ya Ricky was trying to take pics of girl boobs lol i dunno why and he just would not quit sayin it but it was funny tho. Um then yah soo we pretty much jsut hung out and stuff. UMm today we went to Joeys Soccer game and it was his last one.(o joey is alexs brother) umm ya it was fun. Um the ref was Tim. Umm then ya we came back here and were gettin ready to go to Joeys bday party at Ceasar Land lol fun fun. UMm well later me and Alex r goin to see the grudge andd umm ya we were suppose to see it will all our friends but they kinda ditched us and didnt even tell us they were goin wen we were suppose to go today but whatver im over it. Um soo ya ttyl mmkay lulxoxo <3

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bAd moOd! [25 Oct 2004|07:04pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

YAH ok well today at school was ok I guess. Umm today in Science we had to write this gay thing cuz we got a bad sub report so we have to write I will behave properly when we have a sub a bunch of times soo it was gay. But umm ya in La we also got in trouble and we were talkin and we had to write this gay thingy on plot diagrams that none of the other classes had too. Umm ya u prolly dont care but whatever. Umm then yah some1(noo names) got a haircut over the weekend and it really got me upset lol cuz I like long hair but w/e. Ummm ya I stilll like this person tho. Umm ya and soo the one thing im really excited about tho in my life right now is on Nov 15th I think Manda is gonna come to all my classes with me and visit and ya cants wait. Umm ya but onto other things well there is this person (*again not gonna mention names) but who I just am getting upset about cuz some things r not the way they used to be and I just dont no wat to tell them and if this person is readin this Im sure u noo who u r. Umm well yah this Thursday is Activity Night and im soo excited but another downer is that this Thursday is also my next Ortho Apt and i dont wanna go cuz Im gonna be there forever while some lady pratically kills me like last time and its just not funn. Umm ya well I have a lot of hw tonight that i dont wanna do xspecially reading for 41 pages ya suxs big BALLS. BUT UMM thas pretty much alll that is goin on right now nothing special but i will write soon so ttyl <3 xoxo

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HaTiNg My LiFe RiGhT nOW [23 Oct 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

I dunno just writing cuz Im really bored. And oo ya I was right this family time is great I mean wat else could ask for wen ur suppose to be spending time with ur family and every1 is in different rooms and there are a bunch of ppl over. Well ya and soon all the adults r gonna play cards and I will just have to entertain all the little kids. How fun...I mean dont get me wrong I love my family and stuff its just I dont get it sometimes. Well ya like my mom always trying to make me feel bad wen I dont want to just play with all the little kids 24*7. I mean I like to play with them but not for my whole night. I just wanna get out of the house and see ppl. Im just really hating my life right now and every1 is getting on my nerves and I dunno wat to do. But ya I just had to let all my anger soo ttyl <3

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[23 Oct 2004|09:31am]
[ mood | stressed ]

K well ya on Thursday I had hip hop and it was fun I guess. Umm ya and yesterday school was ok nothing really happened but after school I hung out with Andy and we just took a walk and went up too Jaycee and it was fun. Umm ya yesterday afterwards I watched the new Scooby Doo with my sister(lol) and its ok I dont think its as good as the first one. But umm ya thats pretty much all from yesterday. Umm Im really upset cuz I have this project due on Monday and Im in a group with Nikki and Ashley and Ashley was absent on Friday and I think that she has her stuff for her project at school and Im just really stressed out about it. Umm ya soo were suppose to work on it today and I just want to get it over with. Umm and tomorrow I dont think that I have ne plans soo if ne reads this and wants to do this then lemme no. Umm ya tonight it sucks cuz I know I have to work on the project thingy with Nikki and Ashley but then I think I have to come home and my parents r havin a bunch of ppl over and I think I have to stay here and have some "family time" and I dunt wanna. But ya Im gonna try to have some1 come over my house soo ya really nothing exciting here and really dont have ne big plans for this weekend and ya soo I will just write later..<3

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[21 Oct 2004|05:08pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hey mmkay well yesterday was ok i guess. I had a 1/2 day yesterday and after school we went to Pizza Hut. I went with Alex,Nikki,Aubrey,Ashley,AShley,Jeff,Adam,Hazen,Brent and some other ppl. Well ya we rode the bus to Capitol soo we could get off there and then just walk to Pizza Hut and Renee being the Bitch she is got kicked off the bus cuz her and her friends were not suppose to be on the bus and neither was Alex and Ryan soo wen she got kicked off she was like well Alex and Ryan better get off but whatever im over it. WEll ya and then wen we got to Pizza Hut it took like 20 minutes to get seated and the lady working there was treating us like we were 5! then the bill ended up being 93 bucks and originally 108 ya it was pretty messed up. But ya then after Pizza Hut Ashley Nikki and I went to Capitol. We just kinda sat outside of it to wait for NIkkis Dad to pick her up. Umm then we she left AShley and myslef hung out with Billy and Andy and Billy was putting on a bunch of Ashleys makeup and it was great. Billy was also talkin about how his friends dad or something wore assless chaps aroung everywhere.lol. WEll ya and thats pretty much all nothin exciting. OO ya and I almost forgot I rode The???? something that is Andys(its like this old bike from the 70s 80s. Yah and then today was ok the most exciting part of my day was prolly in 1st hour wen James Thorton started beatin up Ryan VanKuren cuz he took his japanese animation thingy book lol. Yah they didnt even get in trouble and they were actually fist fighting kinda. WEll ya and then on the bus there was this big ordeal cuz someone called someone a ***** AND yah thats all soo tty later. <3 xoxo

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FiRsT eNtRy! [21 Oct 2004|04:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey hey ok soo this is my firsrt

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testing.. [19 Oct 2004|09:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]


**this is ashley**
will delete after this

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